Our Story

I’m Michael (Mick) Biagi.  I’m no stranger to mental illness and after raising my son with severe anxiety, regular self-harm, and addiction, I become passionate about mental illness and suicide prevention.  Desperate to help my son, I tried mycelium science to try and find some relief for his mental health struggles. It was a turning point for my son. It’s helped his mental health tremendously. He’s now a young healthy man and has been clean for a long time. As a result of my experience, Wellbeing Farms was founded with the aim of making the best quality products to help others with their mental health.  Wellbeing Farms now offers a wide unique range of Functional Mushroom products. 


At Wellbeing Farms your wellbeing is the core of what we do. That’s why it’s our mission to improve users’ overall quality of life and help improve mental health.


All our mushrooms are grown in North America, on USDA-certified farms with farmers who have been cultivating and processing medicinal mushrooms since 1996. No mushrooms are imported. 

The Founders

After graduation from Military College, he trained as an Ammunition Technical Officer, responsible for the management, supply, serviceability, disposal and investigation of explosive ordinance.  After his service, Mick moved into corporate Australia and held General Management appointments working for multibillion dollar Public Companies in Defense, Steel and Mining industries.  For the last four years, Mick has been educating himself, building his network and engaging within mycelium industries to bring Wellbeing Farms to life.
Iain Saul is our Co-Founder and investor. Since about 1980 he has been a successful inventor and manufacturer of many well-known products including The Electronic Studfinder, Auto Darkening Welding Helmet and many other LCD products, Tire air pressure alarm, Emergency Radio beacons (EPIRB & PLB), and many other products including installing probably the first full size LCD Billboard Signs on I15 Salt Lake City. He is an active helicopter pilot having first trained in a Bell 47 and a supporter of Veterans. His business philosophy is to establish and fund a company to become successful and sell out toothers to take it further thus he has a vast experience from start-up to listing and operating a Public Company. Iain is dedicated to fulfilling our goal of making and supplying the finest scientifically qualified and verifiably certified products of the highest quality.
Anna has worked in the medical industry for over 17 years, working mostly in the busy hospitals. Anna has experience in combining holistic medicine for people looking for relief where traditional medicine has been limited. Anna is passionate about enhancing peoples’ quality of life through the benefits of our products.

Commitment to Veterans

Pips, crowns, stars or stripes. There is no rank with mental illness. Wellbeing Farms cares deeply for all veterans so we offer a 25% discount on our full range. 22 suicides a day in America is unacceptable and unsustainable.

We want to help, so we donate products regularly to AMVETS. Two great organizations dedicated to veteran support.

To improve the quality of your life and mental wellbeing.

To commercially manufacture nature’s medicine, of the highest quality, for you.

Is in the education and distribution of high quality cannabinoids and mycelium.

Are independently lab tested for compliance and quality. We only source our raw materials from reputable suppliers with a long history in their field.

To donate to the veteran community and offer 25% discount on all products.

It represents the company we are today, and the business we strive to become in the future.

At Wellbeing Farms, we have clear strategy to achieve our Mission to improve the quality of your life and mental wellbeing.

Our Wellbeing Farms Way was developed to create a common language and narrative across our organization.