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At Wellbeing Farms we believe in the power and science of Functional Mushrooms. All our mushrooms are USDA-certified organic grown and tested in a third-party lab to ensure the highest quality.

Functional Mushroom Benefits

We got blends for all your needs

Functional mushrooms are types of natural fungi that are heralded for health benefits beyond their nutritional compositions. Our blends, made of researched & tested functional mushrooms, were cultivated for maximum quality to support the body’s natural state. Each of our 6 blends targets benefits beyond basic nutrition including immune and physical health, cognitive health, and regulating the effects of stress on the body. 

Whether you’re hoping to incorporate functional mushrooms into your own routine or trying to learn more about how to naturally improve your health – we are here to provide insight into the many health benefits of our unique blends and show how they are versatile in their potential use. That is the Wellbeing Farms’ Way. 

Functional Mushroom Blends

Our 14 Functional Mushroom blends have been designed to promote the full array of benefits functional mushrooms are known to provide.  By combining them together, a synergistic effect can be optimized to help achieve optimal health and well-being.